Berina Pro-vitamin B5 hair spray comes in a 250 ml bottle . It is easy to spray . It comes in a golden colour bottle . It is very long lasting . 

If you are going to any wedding or any party for which you want your hair style to last for about 3 to 5 hours then this is the perfect hair spray . 

It works better than any gel . I would use this hair spray in place of any other gel . 

I used this hair spray for a wedding and my hair was in a beautiful French braids and because of the spray my hairs was in place .   You can use this spray as heat protectant spray too . You don’t need to spray much . Just little amount and you are all set to go . 

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Hey there ! I'm Sana , a 18 year old Indian girl living in Mumbai . I have created this blog space to share my thoughts and knowledge about the things that I like . My blogs are going to be about DIY and beauty . Other than blogging I love to read .

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